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About Botany Department

The Department of Botany, one of the oldest departments, steadily progressed and the laboratory facilities were highly expanded for the benefit of students and practical knowledge. The main aim of the department is to provide quality education where interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teaching and research in botany has established, and student centered activities. It is a department where the local knowledge, originality, creativity and motivations are considered more than conventional methods in teaching and producing well-trained students who are more capable to meet the challenges in the current scenario. The department always encourages the students for their higher studies and research field by recognizing the student’s individual potentiality. The students after completion of the course are leaving the portals of the department with great confidence in the competitive world. The subject offers students in many activities during their course like classroom learning, hands on training in various practicals, preparation of herbaria, outstation excursions, field exploration studies, minor research projects, etc. The students can learn the biology, interrelationships and behavior of various kinds of organisms from microbial diversity to higher plants, internal structures, pollination mechanisms, various modes of dispersals, various biochemical reactions in plants, invasives and responses to environmental factors, and biodiversity conservation.


Vision & Mission

Our VISION is to amplify the institution eminence at Global level through teaching and research by producing well-trained students with a focus on plants and their environments.

Our MISSION is to attract and support the student community and faculty to sustain our VISION.

Faculty of the Department

Mr P. Harender Reddy, M.Sc.

Dr Sateesh Suthari, M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D., Young Scientist (SERB-DST), PGDMB, FIAT, AFTAS

Mrs. P. Sunitha, M.Sc., B.Ed.

Dr S. Subhash, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Mrs. R. Bhargavi, M.Sc., B.Ed., (Ph.D.)

Mrs. A. Kavitha, M.Sc., B.Ed.

Ms. Y. Ambika, M.Sc., B.Ed.

Programs Available

UG Program

I Year

I Semester (Paper-I): Microbial Diversity and Lower Plants

II Semester (Paper-II): Gymnosperms, Taxonomy of Angiosperms & Ecology

II Year

III Semester (Paper-III): Plant Anatomy and Embryology

IIV Semester (Paper-IV): Cell Biology, Genetics & Plant Physiology

III Year

V Semester (Paper-V): Industrial Microbiology

V Semester (Paper-VI; Elective): Biodiversity & Conservation/Economic Botany/Seed Technology

VI Semester (Paper-VII): Projects on various aspects in Plant Sciences

VI Semester (Paper-VIII; Elective): Plant Molecular Biology/Tissue Culture and Biotechnology/Analytical Techniques in Plant Sciences

Career Prospects

Biology-based careers in research and advisory work in agriculture, industry, medicine and the environmental sciences, as well as teaching, public services are common. It creates opportunities in many fields such as research, park rangers, farming consultants, landscape management, horticulture, urban greening, environmental consultancies, herbarium keepers, curators, seed companies, arboretum, field assistant, orchards, nursery and green house managements, etc. After completion of graduate level botany, one can move to specialized post-graduate level programs such as Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics or join research activities through CSIR-NET, has opportunities to work as project fellows funded by various organizations.

Departmental Infrastructure

The Department is well established with the procurement of teaching aids like Desk top, aerated huge laboratory with well equipped facilities having 30 compound microscopes, 03 dissection microscopes, 31 specimens, 133 slides, 67 charts, etc.

The department is housed with Herbarium specimens, ca. 1000+.

Departmental Activities

Guest Lectures

Dr V. Krishna Reddy, Associate Professor of Botany, Kakatiya University, Warangal has delivered on ‘Sustainable crop disease management using natural products’ on 21st January, 2020.

Dr Srinivas Kota, Scientist, Plant Science Division, CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM), Jammu has delivered on “Regulation of Gene Expression” on March 11, 2021.

Dr Murali Krishna, Head, Department of Biotechnology, Chaitanya Deemed to be University has delivered on ‘Biotechnology aspects and Advantages’ on September 23, 2021.

Dr V. Krishna Reddy, Associate Professor of Botany, Kakatiya University, Warangal has delivered on ‘Incidence of Ochratoxin A in poultry feeds of Telangana State and its impact on poultry production’ on 29st December, 2021.

Dr Md. Mustafa, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Botany, Kakatiya University, Hanamkonda has delivered on ‘Plant Systematics and Medicinal Plants’ on 30th December, 2021.

Dr T. Christopher, Dean, Research Wing, Chaitanya Deemed to be University, Hanamkonda has delivered on ‘Genetically Engineered Organisms in Human Welfare’ on 30th December, 2021.

Dr K. Omkar, Assistant Professor of Botany, Kakatiya Government College, Hanamkonda, has delivered on ‘Economic evaluation of NTFPs in forest areas of Telangana State, India’ on 30th December, 2021.

Add-On Courses offered by Department

1. Raising and Maintenance of Terrace Gardens
2. Hands on Training in Classical Taxonomy
List of Faculty Members



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