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Department of Business Management (MBA Programme)


MBA is a professional programme for acquiring and developing the required knowledge, skills, attitude and values to shape overall personality of a student to match the expectations of the of industry as well as society. The duration of MBA programme is two academic years consisting of Four Semesters - two semesters in each year - each semester of 14-16 weeks duration.
Students who join MBA programme shall not take -up any employment either part-time or full-time during the University academic working hours. Students who are admitted to the MBA course and who are subsequently found to be in employment during the University academic working hours anywhere in India will cease to be students of the course.


To be a premier centre for management education, to groom talents of the region to match the expectations of stakeholders in the contemporary global business environment.


To impart quality management education through innovative pedagogy, development of soft skills, state of the art infrastructure, collaboration with stakeholders with focus on student centeredness, values and continuous knowledge up-gradation in the serene campus environment.


Candidates possessing a Bachelor Degree in any discipline (Excluding B.O.I, and B.F.A) with 50% aggregate marks (45% in case of reserved categories) and qualified in ICET exam are eligible for admission to MBA programme subject to the rules and regulations of the University from time to time.
Course Structure, Hours of instruction per week and Aggregate marks
The MBA programme offers in all 28 papers consisting of 22 core papers and 6 elective papers apart from Viva-voce and project report. In addition to one foundation course and two open electives. The details of semester-wise subjects, hours of instruction per week, credits per paper are given below:


S.No Code Nature No. of Papers Semester Credits
1 CORE 16 @4 ppw I(5)II(5)III(3) IV(3) 64
2 GE Generic Electives 4@4ppw III(2)IV(2 16
3 OE Inter Disciplinary (1+1 = 2) 2@4 ppw III (1) 8
4 ELE Electives (Discipline Centric) 6 @ 4ppw III(3) IV(3) 24
5 VIVA First Year End Viva IV 2
6 4

Examination and Assessment Under Choice Based Credit System(CBCS), the candidates are awarded grades and CGPA.
Internal Assessment and Seminars There will be 20 percent marks for internal assessment and 10 percent marks for the classroom Seminars in each subject awarded.
MBA CBCS Course Structure w.e.f from 2016-17 as per the Modifications Suggested by the PG BOS on 19-06-2017

MBA – I Semester

S.No Course No Title
1 MB401 Management and Organization Theory
2 MB102 Accounting for Managers
3 MB103 Statistics for Managers
4 MB104 Information Technology for Managers
5 MB105 Marketing Management
6 MB106
Generic Elective – I
  • Business Environment – I(a) (Or)
  • Entrepreneurship Development – I (b)
7 MB107
Generic Elective – II
  • Managerial Economics – II(a) (Or)
  • Communication Skills – II(b)

MBA – II Semester

S.No Course No Title
1 MB201 Human Resource Management`
2 MB202 Financial Management
3 MB203 Management Accounting
4 MB204 Operations Research
5 MB205 Business Research Methodology
6 MB206
Generic Elective – III
  • Business Ethics –III(a)(Or)
  • Retail Management – III(b)
7 MB207
Generic Elective – IV
  • Business Analytics using Excel – IV(a) (Or)
  • Customer Relationship Management – IV(b)
8 MB208 First Year End Viva

MBA-III Semester

S.No Course No Title
1 MB301 Organization Behavior
2 MB302 Strategic Management
3 MB 303 Managerial Communication
4 MB304 Interdisciplinary Courses
5 Group – A: Human Resource Management
6 MB305A Human Resource Development
7 MB306A Labour Laws
8 e-Business Or Business Law
9 MB307A Organization Development
10 MB305 MB306 MB307 Discipline Specific Elective I One elective group from
11 Group- B: Marketing Management
12 MB305B Consumer Behaviour
13 MB306B Advertising & Sales Management
14 MB307B Product & Brand Management
15 Group-C: Financial Management
16 MB307C Corporate Taxation & Planning
17 Group – D: Systems Management
18 MB305D Relational Database Management
19 MB306D Management of Software Projects/Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)/System Analysis and Design
20 MB307D Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

MBA-IV Semester

S.No Course No Title
1 MB401 Operations Management
2 MB402 International Business
3 MB403 Creativity and Innovations
4 MB404A Project Report
5 MB404B Project Viva-voce
6 MB405 Inter-Disciplinary Elective II
7 MIS MB406B Services Marketing
8 MB406 MB407 MB408 Discipline-Specific Electives
9 Group-A: Human Resource Management
10 MB406A Management of Industrial Relations
11 MB407A Compensation Management
12 MB408A Strategic Human Resource Management
13 Group-B: Marketing Specialization
14 MB407B Rural Marketing
15 MB408B Supply Chain Management
16 Group-C: Finance Specialization
17 MB406C International Financial Management
18 MB407C Strategic Financial Management
19 MB408C Financial Derivatives
20 Group-D: Systems Management
21 MB406D Artificial Intelligence
22 MB407D Data Communications and
23 MB408D Data Mining and Data Warehousing
Pedagogy used


1 Prof . K Raji Reddy M.Com, M.Phil,Ph.D.
2 Prof. M. Subramanya Sarma M.Com, Ph.D
3 Dr. S Mahender kumar M.Com, MBA, PGDFM, Ph.D
4 Dr. P.Sugunakar Reddy MBA, M.Com,Ph.D
5 Dr. D Prem Kumar MBA, M.Com, Ph.D
6 Dr. Ch. Suresh Chandra MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D
7 Dr.P.Ramesh Babu MBA, Ph.D
8 Dr. P. Ajith Kumar MBA,M.Com, B.Ed, Ph.D,
9 Dr. B. Chandrakala Naik M.Com., MBA, Ph.D
10 Mr.A.Rajin kumar MBA, M.Sc (Psychology), (Ph.D)
11 Mr.B Kishore MBA , M.Com, (Ph.D)
12 Ms. G Pushkala MBA
13 Ms. T. Anusha MBA, LLB
14 Mr. Ch Prashanth MBA, M.Com, PGDBM, (Ph.D)
15 Mr. M Venugopal MBA,M.Com
16 Mr. A Cheralu MBA, M.Com, (Ph.D)
17 Ms. T Sandhya Rani MBA,M.Com, (Ph.D)
18 Mr. G Kalpana M.Com
19 Mr. Ch. Karuna MBA
20 Ms. V Aswini MBA
21 Mr. Ashish Singh Thakur MBA

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