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Infrastructure Maintenance Procedure:

Online Booking for the use of facilities:

Registration link for the use of Auditorium / Seminar hall / Conference Hall :

Link to raise complaint towards repairs (Instruments / Computers / Laboratories / Physical building structures )

Link to Lab Status Report

Lab Maintenance:

Lab maintenance will be taken care by concerned department HOD, Faculty, programmers and lab assistants, further any repairs related to instruments / Computer Systems will be addressed by the call of technician in response to the complaint raised through google form link.

lab status report will be submitted which specifies the condition of instruments / computer systems , chemicals , glassware and metal instruments, their usage in accordance to the academic curriculum.

Maintenance of Physical Facilities:

Inhouse plumbers, electricians, carpenters are appointed who takescare of all the physical facilities including infrastructural and other facilities. They also address the issues / repairs for the stable maintenance of these facilities.

Maintenance of Gardens / Ground:

Inhouse gardener takes care of maintenance of medicinal and botanical garden.

Physical Directors of the college are given the task of open ground maintenance

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