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Our Institution strives hard to provides a perfect platform to meet world class challenges. By Inculcating the innovative Learning methods with a unique diversified curriculum and also by adopting a need based approach in academics while giving priority to moral and ethics which Shapes the individual to be fit for ever-changing global environment.


Our core values are the deeply held beliefs that authentically describe our mission, they manifest as choices based on understanding what is truly important to us and why?. Every decision reinforces our core values, and as such, who we are choosing to be.

Integrity is the code of ethical standards and honesty in institution. The standards and values provide an educational environment in which all students can learn and take responsibility for their work. Integrity includes Honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, courage.
Our Academic excellence is a set of values and outcomes that students strive to achieve. These are constructs that make the results meaningful.We are committed to a dynamic intellectual community, high academic standards, strong academic programs.
Student Focus:
We work for a vibrant inclusive campus community, to promote balance among students and faculty. We fill leadership qualities in students, strive in increasing athletic teams and many new programs to empower and engage students.
The organizational ethics includerigour, honesty and integrity, respect for life, the law and the public, goodresponsible communication.
Commitment & Transparency:
Our Administration regulates the process of learning and the relationship between students, teachers, and parents with the help of certain rules. We involve all stakeholders, such as community, parents, students, and teachers in solving certain problems. The college is a model of society, where students receive a certain life experience, exercise their rights and perform their duties.
Freedom of thought and Expression:
Freedom of speech is one of the most significant and important civil rights of citizens, and an integral element of freedom of information. Our education is a set of practices and actions that aid at training young people and adults in active participation in democratic life.

Social Responsibility:
We are committed to social responsibility by being increasingly responsive to community-based development initiatives. It is achieved through community services like Sapling Plantation, Partnering with Traffic Police, Blood Donation and Health Camps, Awareness Campaigns, Promotion of Arts, Culture & tradition.

Governing Body Name Designation Position
1 Prof. N. Lingamurthy Vice- Chancellor KU ChairPerson
2 Sri.Ch. NarashimaReddy Vice- Chancellor KU ChairPerson
3 Dr. Ch.Devender Reddy, B.E. Correspondent Secretary
4 Dr.Ch.VahiniDevi Director Member
5 Dr.P.HarenderReddy Academic Co-ordinator Member
6 Prof. S.S.V.N. Sharma Retd Professsor of Kakatiya University Member
7 Sri Chandra Sekhar (Industry Rep.), Hyd Member
8 Prof. G.Sattaiah Retd Professsor of Kakatiya University Member
9 Prof. N.GopiKrishna Retd Professsor of Kakatiya University Member
10 Vice- Chancellor KU ChairPerson

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